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Hello Again!!


Okay, I know I’m a terrible blogger.  It’s been forever since I have posted.  I do have two good excuses though.  Really!!

1. Due to lack of suitable employment numbers, I have had to take on extra shifts at work.  It is NOT fun.  You wouldn’t think sitting in a chair all night would be that hard on someone, but it is.  I am worn out! It’s like my brain has no time to reset.  I usually keep up with my projects while I’m on the job but this constant feeling of oppression between these four walls is sucking the creative drive right out of me.

2. I got a could about 6 weeks ago, I think I told you.  I have had an awful cough ever since.  Sounds like a lame excuse right?  Let me just tell you the best part: I cracked a rib with all my coughing!!! That’s crazy right!?!?!?!   Only me.  So, I don’t know if you’ve ever cracked a rib, but it hurts!  My movement has been reduced by the pain (and the seeking out of lots of sympathy).  I am feeling better and taking my anti-inflammatory regularly and that helps a lot.


So, I have absolutely no new crafting news.  That awesome lumberjack honeycomb stitch blanket is still on hold.  I have decided that my next project is to learn to knit.  Any references you know of would be great! I’m gonna need all the help I can get!!!   I have been working some on the Scribbles page so check over there for an update.




I’m a terrible procrastinator.  When there’s something important that needs to be done I can always think of ten other things that would be more fun to do.  So, in honor of being true to myself, I successfully avoided responsibility by writing more for the scribbles page!  Check it out!

The heroine is yet to be named.  I’d LOVE to hear your ideas on this.  It’s my least favorite part of the process and usually will put in a notation rather than an actual name. [Name]  You know, more procrastination!  So, please help and leave whatever other comments you’d like to share.  It makes me a little nervous not getting any feedback! lol


I’m still trudging along on my honeycomb blanket.  Hopefully I’ll finish it before time runs out……..  I’ll post some pics on my progress soon!

More Scribbles


Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Black Friday.  Did you get your shopping done? I sure didn’t.  I’m not brave enough to attempt the crowds!!  So instead of elbowing my way to savings, I decided an update to my Scribbles would be nice.  I hope you’re enjoying it so far.  I’m curious myself to see where it’s heading!

Enjoy your family this holiday weekend and remember, we all have much to be thankful for!!


The Rookie Fireman


On November 19th my BFF, we’ll call her Hot Momma, gave birth to her first child.  My honorary nephew, Baby Sparky, was born at 2:11pm.  While I waited impatiently for his arrival, I tried to distract myself by brainstorming for the blog.  I thought of the puppy pal I had made for him and the fire truck blankie.  All this musing brought to mind my first undertaking in the paper craft world.  Somehow I missed out on the scrapbooking craze.

When I couldn’t find invitations to fit our fireman themed baby shower, I decided to make them myself.  I worked really hard on them and was pretty impressed by how well they turned out.  I know some of you are shaking your heads and calling me a sissy, but really, I’m impressed by myself.  I, of course, did them the hard way.  No punches, just an X-acto knife and construction paper.  I found images on Google and printed them on corresponding paper.  You’ll see that some of them are multicolored.  For these the image was printed on each color, cut and assembled.  See, the hard way.

Something to note if you decide to take on a similar task, punches are lifesavers! And, more importantly, envelopes only come in so many sizes.  My invitations were not one of these, so I ended up making my own.  While it was a painstaking task, I’m glad I completed it.  Plus, these are better than any store bought ones anyway!!

So, in honor of Sparky’s Birthday, I wish you all luck in your own paper crafts!! I’d love to hear your success stories!


Saw this great tutorial and wanted to share. Maybe I’ll take this on soon! Now……. just to find some sweet little girl to give them too. To bad my dogs wouldn’t appreciate mitts!!

The Green Dragonfly

Maia started back at preschool this week and because its so wintery I wanted to make her some new fingerless mitts.

The beauty of fingerless mittens is in their simple design… there really is nothing easier to crochet than a small rectangle in Half Double Crochet (HDC). These fingerless mittens are sure to brighten any little girl’s day!

Rainbow fingerless mittens

Easy Crochet Fingerless Mittens Tutorial (sized for a 4-5 year old)

Using a 4mm crochet hook and DK (8ply) yarn of your choice.

Pink: Chain 25. See notes below for a larger or smaller fit.

Turn and half double crochet in the second chain from the hook and in every stitch across. Turn.

Red: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Turn, chain 2 HDC in every stitch across. Turn.

Yellow: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Turn, chain 2 HDC in every stitch across. Turn.


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Here goes nothing!


So, my first ever blog post! I honestly have to say now that I’m writing it, I’m more nervous than excited.  I’m sure that will wear off once I get going (Fingers Crossed!)

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who see crafting ideas in magazines, on TV, or Pinterest and think to myself: “I could do that!”  The only problem with such seeming self confidence is the realization that although I have some basic knowledge and skill, I’m by no means an expert in any craft field.  I love to create in many forms writing, crochet, and sewing for starters.  Most of what I do is self taught, and that is usually the problem.  I find that when I come across a tutorial on something I “know how to do” I’m usually going about it the hardest way possible.  As a hard core Pinterest junkie this has become more and more evident in my crafting life.  It’s kinda depressing.

So, INSPIRATION!!  And here I am running fingers across keys in hopes I’ll find an audience as well as some support, knowledge and inspiration.  I hope to use this outlet to create in all forms.  To try things I’ve always been intrigued by and hopefully learn as much as I can in the process.  An apprentice usually has a mentor, so for lack of an actual person to be a teacher, let’s call Pinterest my mentor for this endeavor.  I’ll be linking to tutorials and instructions for sure.  I look forward to hearing from you, Dear Reader.  Please share any tips, concerns, or ideas you have.  I’m open to suggestions and questions.  Interaction is key in my learning process, so please join in!

My primary form of creative expression has always been writing, so hopefully I’ll have the courage to share some of that as well.  I welcome feedback from that as well.  I’m by no means the next J. K. Rowling though, so don’t get too excited.  🙂

I’m getting my camera geared up and my craft supplies organized for an adventure.  I hope you’ll join me!!