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Honeycomb Stitch


And away we go!!  Project number one! The excitement is definitely back!  And, as a bonus, I was thinking this will almost force me to finish a project!  I keep finding more and more good reasons to do this!!

Well, now that that little outburst is over, I have really been loving all the crocheted cable patterns I have been seeing.  I think it’s because they look so warm and cozy.  I hate cold weather! Especially since here in KY we never really get any snow.  I’d put up with freezing temperatures if I could get some of the nice white powder to play in.  I found this Honeycomb Stitch on Pinterest linked to  It uses a stitch I’m unfamiliar with which requires yarning around the post of a stitch and other such nonsense.  But I’m willing to give it a shot!  I’m going to use it to make an afghan (for a Christmas gift but don’t tell!)

Here’s the supplies I’ll be using:

  1. Yarn! (Red Heart brand in Grey Heather and Cherry Red)  I’m not sure how much it will take since eHow only gives you the how to basics
  2. H hook (8-5.00mm)  N hook (9.00mm)
  3. Scissors
  4. Yarn Needle

** NOTE:  I started with the H hook, but the stitches were super tight and compact.  It was going to turn into one really dense and heavy piece.  Moving up to an N hook loosened the stitches up considerably and, although it consumes much more yarn this way, the weave is so much lighter.


So, first things first.  What the heck is a post!?!?!?!?   Turns out it is the “base” of a stitch.  I’m sure that’s as clear as mud! Imagine a double or treble crochet (It’s the same for a single too just not as easy to see), the little loops on the top we will consider the stitch.  This is where you’d put your hook to work the next row.  The post of this stitch will be everything underneath before the previous row’s “stitch”.  Hopefully this image helps.  It’s one of those light switch things.  Once it’s flipped you can’t unsee it.

Post illustration

Following eHow for directions, I can get started now that the vocabulary lesson is out of the way.  I’ll be chaining 200 plus the ch2 for the turn with both the grey and red together.  (I’m nuts, that’s why!)  I really like the look of the contrasting colors together and what could scream warmth more than red and grey?  Kind of a lumberjack flannel feeling.

The next part is basic too.  They let you build up some confidence before the wrack your brain!  Three rows of single crochet, go ahead, you can do it!  Then it get’s tricky.  When you read it all together it seems overwhelming.  Just go slow and read one step at a time.  Don’t read what comes after yo twice until you have those two extra loops on that hook!!  If you go slow you get the hang of it pretty quickly.  I have to admit, I’ve taken a break to make my notes and keep all my thoughts together and my half completed Row 4 looks a little strange.  I think I can see how it’s going to come together though. (Wishful thinking, fingers crossed!!)