Hello Again!!


Okay, I know I’m a terrible blogger.  It’s been forever since I have posted.  I do have two good excuses though.  Really!!

1. Due to lack of suitable employment numbers, I have had to take on extra shifts at work.  It is NOT fun.  You wouldn’t think sitting in a chair all night would be that hard on someone, but it is.  I am worn out! It’s like my brain has no time to reset.  I usually keep up with my projects while I’m on the job but this constant feeling of oppression between these four walls is sucking the creative drive right out of me.

2. I got a could about 6 weeks ago, I think I told you.  I have had an awful cough ever since.  Sounds like a lame excuse right?  Let me just tell you the best part: I cracked a rib with all my coughing!!! That’s crazy right!?!?!?!   Only me.  So, I don’t know if you’ve ever cracked a rib, but it hurts!  My movement has been reduced by the pain (and the seeking out of lots of sympathy).  I am feeling better and taking my anti-inflammatory regularly and that helps a lot.


So, I have absolutely no new crafting news.  That awesome lumberjack honeycomb stitch blanket is still on hold.  I have decided that my next project is to learn to knit.  Any references you know of would be great! I’m gonna need all the help I can get!!!   I have been working some on the Scribbles page so check over there for an update.


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