Here goes nothing!


So, my first ever blog post! I honestly have to say now that I’m writing it, I’m more nervous than excited.  I’m sure that will wear off once I get going (Fingers Crossed!)

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who see crafting ideas in magazines, on TV, or Pinterest and think to myself: “I could do that!”  The only problem with such seeming self confidence is the realization that although I have some basic knowledge and skill, I’m by no means an expert in any craft field.  I love to create in many forms writing, crochet, and sewing for starters.  Most of what I do is self taught, and that is usually the problem.  I find that when I come across a tutorial on something I “know how to do” I’m usually going about it the hardest way possible.  As a hard core Pinterest junkie this has become more and more evident in my crafting life.  It’s kinda depressing.

So, INSPIRATION!!  And here I am running fingers across keys in hopes I’ll find an audience as well as some support, knowledge and inspiration.  I hope to use this outlet to create in all forms.  To try things I’ve always been intrigued by and hopefully learn as much as I can in the process.  An apprentice usually has a mentor, so for lack of an actual person to be a teacher, let’s call Pinterest my mentor for this endeavor.  I’ll be linking to tutorials and instructions for sure.  I look forward to hearing from you, Dear Reader.  Please share any tips, concerns, or ideas you have.  I’m open to suggestions and questions.  Interaction is key in my learning process, so please join in!

My primary form of creative expression has always been writing, so hopefully I’ll have the courage to share some of that as well.  I welcome feedback from that as well.  I’m by no means the next J. K. Rowling though, so don’t get too excited.  🙂

I’m getting my camera geared up and my craft supplies organized for an adventure.  I hope you’ll join me!!


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  1. The blog is great and I know you will be wonderful at it. It is a great start for your creative outlet. While I will read the blog lord knows I probably won’t try to make any of it lol. Your the creative one I am all thumbs but you have my support!!! And if they make a movie out of your life from this then no one can play me in it better than myself!!!!! (You can have a cameo as a customer at a table in a small family owned restaurant lol 😆)

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